Increasing Trend in China’s Social Development Aids to Africa During 2000-2012

Fang XIANG, Jing-Hua ZHANG


There have been controversies about China’s engagement in development aids in Africa, being opportunism or altruism. We thus base our research on 1955 donation event observations during 2000 to 2012 from Aiddata China to Africa Aid Database, in order to find the likelihood of China’s social development assistance to African countries, including health-related projects. We apply a logistic regression model to examine the trends, and the results show that during the past decade China had been increasing the social development aids to African countries, especially for health-related sectors. Meanwhile, China’s aids did not show preference to African Portuguese-speaking countries during 2000 to 2012. Our findings help better understand China’s foreign aid strategies, and provide a quantitative perspective of evaluating the roles of “nontraditional donors.”


China’s social development aids, Aiddata, Increasing trend, Health, Portuguese-speaking countries


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