Research on Social Governance Innovation During Social Transformation Period



Social governance is not limited to governance function of government; instead, it also includes governance of other subjects and the society itself. Innovation is the unexhausted driving power for prosperity and development of a country as well as the soul of national advancement. In innovation of various levels of a country, social governance innovation is especially important and urgent. In particular, China is at a social transformation period which is an important period of strategic opportunity and golden period of development as well as a period of social risks with prominent social conflicts. Therefore, social governance innovation is imperative and research on it is imminent. The essence of social governance is analyzed in the paper from the dimensions of social equity, social relations and social risks with the purpose to find and dissolve various social conflicts and destabilizing factors and maintain social stability, thus to establish the effectiveness of social governance.


Social Governance; Social Equity; Social Relation; Social Governance Innovation.


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