Selection of Small & Micro-enterprise Financing Methods Under the Background of Internet Finance



The financing demand of entity economy hasn’t been effectively satisfied since the financial crisis, especially that the small & micro-enterprises are difficult to obtain the bank loans for the reasons i.e. bank loan rationing policy, information asymmetry, failing to provide the effective guaranteed mortgage etc. The financing constraints in channel have intensified the difficulties in production and operation, so that the enterprise development has entered a vicious cycle. The appearance of Internet financial products has made up for the deficiencies of the small& micro-enterprise financing in the traditional channels; as for the enterprise Internet financing, mode, big data finance and crowd-funding are the relatively feasible selections. In this paper, it aims to analyze and compare the selection of financing methods of the small& micro-enterprises under the Internet finance from the perspectives i.e. financing difficulty, financing cost, time cost as well as the fund utilization rate maximization etc in combination with the actual situations of the enterprises on the basis of comparing and analyzing the traditional financing methods and Internet financing methods.


Internet Finance, Small & Micro-Enterprise, Financing Methods.


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