The Application of oTPD Models to the Teacher Professional Development in Shandong High Education



The information age has changed the learning and teaching pattern in Shandong high education and challenges the traditional teacher professional development. How to improve teacher training programs in an era of informatizaiton is of great significance to the learning effects of the students, college and university development and high education innovations in Shandong province. By adopting the methodology of comparative analysis and data statistics, this paper introduces the American online teacher development models, analyzes their characteristics and advantages over Shandong high education teacher professional development programs. The research finds that in contrast to the sporadic, general, and inactive teacher training programs in Shandong high education, the American online teacher development models are continuous, major-orientated and interactive systems. They are of great referential value to the practice and innovation of Shandong high education teacher professional development.


Informatization, oTPD Models, Continuity, Major-orientation, Interactiveness.


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