Multi-dimensional Issue of Tourists’ Motivation and Perceived Value in Predicting Behavioral Intention: Satisfaction as a Mediator



Contradiction exists in the tourism literatures that significant positive impacts of motivation and perceived value on behavioral intention were inconsistent. To address this issue, this study tested the causal relationship between motivation, perceived value, and behavioral intention in an integrated model, using satisfaction as a mediator. The results indicated that multi-dimensional issue could be the main reason for the inconsistency. Significant positive influence of motivation on behavioral intention was supported, but only exist between certain dimensions of motivation and behavioral intention, which was fully mediated by satisfaction. Significant positive influence of perceived value on behavioral intention also got supported. Again satisfaction fully mediated the influences of some dimensions of perceived value on behavioral intention. The significant impacts of some motivation factors on certain factors of perceived value were proved, which offered supplemented information for interpreting the causal relationship of the proposed model. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.


Motivation, Perceived Value, Satisfaction, Behavior Intention


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