The Impact of Population Aging in China Based on Multiple Linear Regression Model

Yi TAO, Ying LIU, Rong-Zhuma LA, Ting LIANG, Tian-Xiang GAO


China is coming into a population aging society in high speed.The arrival of population aging has created various and different demand for old-age.Analysis of impact factors of population aging is an important method to relieve the pressure of old-age and will has a great significance in the future.In this paper, we first analyze influence degree of factors from two direct factors, namely birth rate, mortality rate and four indirect factors, including economic development level, educational level, political factors and medical and health care, then the multiple linear regression model based on panel data during 2002-2014 is used to select the most important influential factors to guide the relevant departments. The results show that the model has higher prediction accuracy and can be used to predict the future trend of population aging in China.


Multiple Linear Regression, Population Aging, Impact Factors


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