Pathways of Medical Students’ Humanities Cultivation in Hui Nationality Area in China

Juan GAO, Xiao-Ping MA, Huan-Min GAO


As one of the world’s three major religions, Islam has many taboos, such as animal taboos, which have certain influences on the medical practice in Ningxia Hui ethnic region of China. In order to service better in this region, this study was to train medical students’ communicative skills and abilities on humanities in ethnic area. Retrieval results showed 775 single drugs or prescriptions possible taboos in China Pharmacopoeia. 372 items contained parts of pig; 167 items with dog; 31 with donkey; 39 with donkey; 109 with cat; 20 with crab, and 37 with snake. Also Islamic custom taboos were studied. As the results, the medical students of Northwest University for Nationalities were familiar with Hui nationality taboos, avoided taboos to improve the communicative skills on humanities in Hui nationality areas in the northwest China, finally established a medical practical path feathered Hui in the ethnic areas in China.


Medical Student, Humanities; Muslim, Customs, Taboo, Medical Practice, Pathway


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