Research on the Dilemma of the Modernization of Traditional Wushu



With the rapid progress of China's modernization process in various fields, the development of traditional Wushu is facing unprecedented difficulties. In this study, bow boxing and three shop Longquan field examples, start thinking inheritance of traditional wushu. Study shows: the process of inheritance by mentoring interaction is facing three major problems: 1, "teacher" from countryside to city mass flow, the number declined sharply; 2, affected by the economic and social impact and education system, "and" diminishing, and "teacher" in 3, when the empty draw further apart; inheritance tends to compress the city, and has a significant trend. Traditional martial arts need to adhere to the "inheritance of the city, the interaction between urban and rural areas, and the integration of development" in the process of urbanization.


Traditional Wushu, Modernization, Inheritance.


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