Mirror Statistics on Foreign Trade of Kyrgyzstan with China



The discrepancy in international trade statistics remains a matter of serious concern for Kyrgyz policy makers due to high contribution from trade to the budget of a country. This article examines the import and export statistic of Kyrgyzstan with its main foreign trade partner China by the mirror statistics method for the period from 2008 to 2015. Among the causes of discrepancies (asymmetry) in international trade statistics there are various reasons - from different systems of different customs regimes, emerging issues such as re-export to corruption and false declaration. The results obtained by Kyrgyz Republic and its major trading partner People’s Republic of China indicate the decrease of asymmetry through the researched period. However, such significant asymmetry cannot be explained by the difference in customs reporting approaches. This allows to assume the presence of corruption and contraband goods.


Mirror statistics, Asymmetries, Kyrgyzstan, China.


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