Decentralized and Integrated Management of Multi-variety and Small-Batch in WIP



In order to reduce the floor area of WIP (Work in Process) of Multi-variety and Small-Batch and improve the management and transportation efficiency, the WIP should be piled and scattered according to categories and stored with wheeled pallets as per the production process. FRID technology to identify the electrical labels should be applied to track the storage and location of the wheeled pallets in real time. In doing so, the quantity of WIP stored in the same floor area would increase several times, the speed of materials delivery goes up due to the wheeled pallets working as movable mini-warehouses, and the logistics volume in the workshop goes down. Standardizing the management of the in-process products in the workshop is helpful not only for ensuring the precision of products quantity and intactness of products, but also monitoring dynamically the flow of in-process productions in light of such information as categories, quantity and status of products, so as to provide accurate and real-time basis for the decision making of the production management department.


Multi-variety and Small-Batch, WIP, Decentralized heap, Wheel pallet bank, RFID.


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