Research on Impacts of the Learning Motivation on the Modality Effects in Multimedia Design



The modality effect is one of the cognitive load theory effects. It mainly introduces that the images and texts would be presented to learners at the same time when designing multimedia and compared with learning the text information by visual modality, learning by auditory modality is more helpful. The related researches in the past only proved the objective correctness of this effect from different aspects. However, few people had discussed the relationship between motivation and this effect, that is whether the motivation would impact on the modality effect or not and what the impact should be. This research explored those mentioned issues by the empirical method, and the conclusion is as following: learning motivation has indeed influence on the modality effect; learning content in courseware can stimulate the motivation of learners; the results of dual modality and motivation are significantly higher than single modality.


Learning motivation, Multimedia design, Modality effect, Cognitive load.


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