Flipping Design of Task-based Teaching Contents in English Intensive Reading



Task-based Language Teaching Approach dates back to 1980’s, which stresses including language knowledge and skills in task-oriented language activities. Language learners, whereby, can acquire language by completing certain communicative tasks, which means learning by doing, aiming to cultivate students’ ability of language application. Flipped Classroom Teaching came into being in early 21st century, featuring exposing any course learners to video teaching materials their teachers made for prevision before the learners attend the class. In the class, therefore, the teachers act mainly as helpers and facilitators to the course learners, offering directions to learners in need and answering questions from learners in perplexity. This paper probes into flipping design of task-based teaching contents in English intensive reading.


College English intensive reading class, Task-based language teaching, Flipped class, Design of class teaching.


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