Development Problems and Countermeasures of Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture Creative Industry



The development of ceramic culture creative industry in jingdezhen has the following difficulties: the number of enterprises, small scale and lack of tap; Lack of demand for creative products of ceramic culture; The concept of developing creative culture industry and the imbalance of talent structure; Lack of protection of intellectual property rights of creative products of ceramic culture; The local government has the institutional obstacles and the lack of effective resource allocation mechanism. Jingde town development ceramic culture creative industry significance. Firstly, it is beneficial to the upgrading of ceramic industry structure in jingdezhen. The second is to accelerate the construction of ceramic industry base; The third is to enhance the image of the city of jingdezhen. For promoting the development of jingdezhen ceramic creative cultural industry, must be based on the law of jingdezhen ceramics own unique creative cultural industry development, promoting the development of the creative cultural industry rapid policy. To create a loose environment for its development, attract all social resources to the ceramic creative cultural industry agglomeration.


Jingdezhen, ceramic culture creative industry, problem countermeasures


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