An English Corpus Query Model based on Pattern Recognition Technology



Corpus has become an indispensable basic resource for linguistic research and language engineering. It has started early in the study of English corpus, and has formed a perfect corpus research standard. According to the situation of our country and the English learning in China on the basis of foreign experience of practical English corpus construction, corpus linguistics, corpus based translation studies has carried out extensive research and achieved fruitful results. The domestic and foreign research present situation and trend of the construction of English corpus based, we should highlight the interdisciplinary of a higher level in the construction of English Corpus in the future, pay more attention to the construction of corpus standardization, multi modal and intelligent. Bilingual teaching is not only the demand of higher education in China and international standards, but also the inevitable trend of training international professionals. It is also the focus and focus of the current educational reform in higher education. In this paper, using pattern recognition technology, we analyze the choice of textbook and lectures in the bilingual teaching organization, teaching language, teaching forms, which has some reference for the undergraduate bilingual teaching reform and research.


International Conference, International Conference, International Conference.


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