Teachers also Friends • Heart to Heart talks • Lasting Effect • Help Teaching Reform—Innovation Research and Practice of the Class Teacher Management Work in Higher Vocational College



According to the reality of education and teaching that the characteristics of the developing bad habits and the poor consciousness of the higher vocational college students , resulting in a series class management problems of the class teacher, further lead to problems of the class teaching management, which affect the effect of the class teaching and the effect of the teaching reform, through the long-term research and practice of the frontline class teacher management work, this paper proposed and practiced the class management model of the three stages of the six step, which is the class management model of lasting progress effect of Teachers also Friends• Heart to Heart talks, Lasting effect " .The relationship between the class teacher and the students becoming teachers also friends, students will be true to the teacher's heart, and through the implementation of a series of management strategies, so as to maintain class management effect of maintaining stability and active in order of the management of classroom teaching effect. And in the internship phase to achieve the whole process and the full range of education by means of the mobile internet cloud platform-Mosoteach. Realize intelligent information class management of the interconnection during the student, school, and enterprise. The purpose is to promote the teaching reform of higher vocational education, and to provide reference for improving the quality of talent training.


Teachers also Friends, Class Teacher of Higher Vocational College, Class Management, Class Teaching Management, Mosoteach.


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