Japan Century Ceramic Family in Inheritance Innovation—Kakiemon



China and Japan have two thousand years of cultural exchange history. In contrast to the development of culture in all aspects of China and Japan, you can find a lot of similarities. Especially in China's porcelain technology spread to Japan, the Japanese porcelain industry took place a great revolution. They imitate the Chinese porcelain at the same time gradually out of the Chinese style, began to develop into their own characteristics of the porcelain culture. Which is even more influential even if there is a porcelain. In Japan, there are areas of the production of painted porcelain mainly Guy Wanli, Kakiemon, the island of these three styles. Which painted the door of the orange door painted porcelain can be said that the creation of Japanese painting technology. In 2016 Japan ushered in the 400th anniversary of kakiemon ceramics. Japan's kakiemon-style painted porcelain on the development of Jingdezhen ceramics has important implications.


Ceramics, kakiemon, inheritance, innovation.


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