The “Localization Model” of the Integration of Sichuan Cultural Creativity with Design Services and Related Industries



As a new industry, cultural and creative industries show a strong vitality and huge space for development in practice. Sichuan is a cultural province but not a giant cultural province. How could Sichuan go out of the cultural field of localization development model under the background of the "transition period" in Sichuan Province? How could it play the cultural creativity and design services to the leading role of related industries, making it become the driving force of economic transformation in Sichuan Province? Both of the questions above are the important issues that need to be explored and solved in a new stage that Sichuan development goes into. The development of cultural and creative industries in the leading position has accumulated a wealth of development experience, and this paper attempts to sort out the experience of developed countries through the cultural creativity and design services and industry integration development, with making researches and learning from targets in order to explore the integration and development of Sichuan's localization of the path to promote industrial development.


Cultural and creative industries, developed countries, localization.


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