On the Strategies of Digital Transformation of Shuhan Cultural Relics and Museum Resources During the Three Kingdoms Period in Chengdu

Mei XIE, Qian-ru WEI


As the capital of Shuhan, Chengdu has accumulated rich culture resources of Shuhan, leaving a large number of sites, relics and cultural relics. Nowadays, the continuous development of digital technology, new media and museum industry has been affecting and changing the traditional mode of cultural relics display and culture communication of museum. Therefore, this paper aims at the low degree of digital transformation of Shuhan cultural relics and museum resources during the three kingdoms period in Chengdu area, analyzes the necessity and feasibility of using the digital technology to develop and distribute the resources through literature review and field research, and puts forward methods to enhance the development of cultural relics and museum resources of Shuhan by using digital technology.


Shuhan culture, Cultural relics and museum resources, Cultural industry, Digitization, Transformation


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