General Modules, Assessment Methods, Common Issues and Solutions of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Internship—From Interns’ Angle

Xin MA, Lin-rui XIONG, Xin HUANG, Chun-yang ZHANG, Liang-shan XIONG


Internship is a pivotal part of a student’s educational journey and impact their professional competencies in their future career, especially for those majoring in mechanical engineering. Currently, mechanical engineering internship received great attention around the world for fundamental mechanical industry affecting a country’s economic sectors and defense capacity and reflecting the level of science and technology in a country. However, during the internship, many unsolved problems still exist. This paper concludes the general modules of mechanical internships and assessments methods in China. Then based on the researches for some famous science and technology schools in China, researchers from a brand new angle, interns’ angle (Researchers are students), analyzed the common issues existing in Chinese mechanical internship held by universities, including the lacking enthusiasm of student about internship, rough to connect with enterprises nowadays etc., and figured out how to solve the mentioned problems. The research achievement could help improve the quality of engineering education and set example for engineering educational innovation.


Engineering, Internship, Mechanical engineering


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