Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation for PBL Education Quality of Undergraduate Engineering Practice

Xiang-yang XU, Yuan-wen CAO, Shao-jiang DONG


The comprehensive PBL education quality evaluation of university engineering practice is a practical requirement to change the view of engineering education quality, establish the operational evaluation system and promote the reform of engineering innovative talents cultivation. Taking the problem as the guidance, from evaluation factors of PBL education quality of engineering practice, and based on the fuzzy mathematics theory, constructing the fuzzy evaluation models of practice object, practice content, practice input, practice process, practice effects, accessibility improvement and portability, forming a PBL education quality dynamical evaluation system of practice background, input, process, and results of engineering practice. In addition, a specific PBL education quality evaluation case is discussed by using this fuzzy evaluation method.


Engineering practice, PBL education quality, Fuzzy evaluation, Evaluation model


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