A Brief Introduction to the Research on the Concept of Engineering Certification into the Evaluation System of Military Cadets

Chun-yuan ZHANG, Xin-guo WANG, Chang-jiang WANG, Yi-long TIAN, You-guo LI, Ji-you SONG


Talent advantage has always been the first advantage of each country, which has become the consensus of many countries to promote the new military revolution. To meet the military challenges of the 21st century, only the advantages of weapons and equipment is not enough, but also must have the advantage of talent, the world's major countries are sparing no effort to attract and cultivate high-quality military personnel. The cultivation of high-quality military personnel cannot be separated from the military academies, but also inseparable from the headquarters of the strategic planning and the direction of the military needs. The concept of international engineering education certification is integrated into the training and evaluation system of military cadets, just as the strategy of supply side reform put forward by President Xi Jinping, which will give the training of cadets to indicate a clearer direction, will also promote the formation of a more scientific and objective authority of the cadets training and evaluation system.


Engineering education accreditation, Cadet, Comprehensive quality, Training, Evaluation system


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