Discussion on the New Media Promotion Strategy of "Ring of Guangxi Highway Bicycle World Tour”

Ling-jun LIU


As the rapid development of the sports industry today, sports events are increasingly popular with people's love and attention. New media promotion mode, including WeChat public account, micro-blogging and micro-vision live etc., plays an increasingly crucial role as a vanguard in competition operation and market preemption. The high quality promotion strategy can shorten the warm-up period of sports events, and the heat rises quickly and lastingly. In other words, a good and effective new media promotion strategy is one of the cornerstones of the success of sports events marketing. This is obvious due to the fact that people increasingly rely on and loves the new media communication platform today. This paper adopted Ring of Guangxi Highway Bicycle World Tour as an example to discuss how to develop effective new media promotion strategies to lay the foundation for the branding of sporting events.


Sports events, New media, Promotion strategy


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