On the Serious Disconnection Between Linguistics and Chinese Teaching and Its Underlying Causes

Jiu-gen XIAO, Li-hong LIAO


Linguistics is not only the frontier leading subject, and its language theory knowledge is also the basis of Chinese subject .In Chinese teaching, if teachers attach great importance to the basic knowledge of language, it has a positive and important significance to realize the ultimate goal of Chinese teaching and cultivate students' ability of using language. However, according to the investigation, there is a serious disconnection between Chinese teaching and language theory knowledge, one of the main reasons is that Chinese teachers are mostly indifferent to the knowledge of language theory, and the second is that Chinese teaching has been negatively affected by exam-oriented education, the result has led to the significant decline in the function of language proficiency of students' in Chinese subject. Therefore, we must take strong and forceful measures to establish a stable and long-acting mechanism, only in this way can we fundamentally reverse this passive situation.


Linguistics, Chinese teaching, Serious disconnection, Underlying causes, Solutions


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