Exploring the Innovative Development Model of "One Body and Two Wings" for Computer Experiment Teaching Center to Improve Teaching Level and Play an Exemplary Role

Jian-chuan XING, Shi-jie ZHOU, Jian-ming LIAO, Lei LUO, Jie XU, Jin-zhong CUI, Yong TANG, Jia-cheng JI


For the construction of National Computer Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center, taking "raising the level, leading and demonstrating" as the guiding ideology, the model of “One Body and Two Wings” for the construction of National Computer Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center was explored. In the aspect of the internal construction of Demonstration Center, the implementation of the experiment teaching reform and research activities of "Two Projects", "Three Systems" and "One Engineering" improved the level of experiment teaching; in the aspect of external construction of Demonstration Center, “Two Test Fields” was implemented to play the exemplary role of the Demonstration Center. Practice has proved that the exploration of such an innovative development model plays an important role in improving the level of experiment teaching and demonstrating its effect for Demonstration Center.


Computer experiment, Development model; Teaching level; Demonstration


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