The Role of Piano Accompaniment in Singing Songs

Xiao-fei HAN, Teng CHEN


Great artist Schubert, the early romantic figure in western music history said that piano accompaniment was mentioned as equivalent to vocal music in its creative process. It can be seen that piano accompaniment has been paid great attention to as early as the end of the eighteenth Century. In the current society of flourishing art and diversified development, whether the piano accompaniment still maintains its inherent status or its function is extended is the point that this article should explain emphatically.

Lin Yaoji, the famous violinist of China, once said that the piano accompaniment is like water, partners like boat, water can carry a boat, can also capsize. This sentence points out the function of the piano accompaniment. Schubert (1797-1828 years), an important representative of the western music history, is called the king of art songs. In about 15 years, he has created more than 600 art songs that are familiar to all and enjoy singing, Such as "wild rose", "devil", "trout", "Serenade" and so on. And the artistic master put forward the importance of piano accompaniment especially in his creation: he promoted the piano accompaniment to the vocal music part equally important status. His piano accompaniment design is to show the scene outside the poem, enrich the imagination of the lyrics, express the emotion and atmosphere of the song, and let the vocal music and piano accompaniment show the content of the poem and shape the image together. For example, the piano accompaniment of trout, depicts fish swimming through the water. While the "devil" in the piano depict the wind, the sound of horses, making anxiety, panic atmosphere, piano accompaniment not only imitate the wheel of the wheel, and the performance of ups and downs mood hero lover's thoughts.

"Trout"It can be seen that the importance of piano accompaniment to vocal music is not simply played by our imagination. It is the piano, the singer, the work itself and the audience as the whole, which influence each other and complement each other.


Song singing, Accompaniment, Coordination


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