The Convergence of Agriculture and Services in Hainan Province Based on Input-output Model

Lu YE, Xiao-li QIN, Yu-ping LI, Yan-qun LIU


With input-output table of 2002, 2007 and 2012 in Hainan province as data source, the direct consumption coefficients, complete consumption coefficients, influence coefficients and induction coefficients were calculated to build the input-output model, by which the industrial relevancy and spread degree and trend of agriculture and services in Hainan province were analyzed, so as to empirical research the convergence of agriculture and services in Hainan province. The results showed that the gross output of Hainan agriculture decreased continuously, and the gross output of services raised in waves but technology and knowledge intensity still low. The consumption demand for agriculture in services was greater relatively, and mainly indirect consumption. The demand intensity of agriculture on the national economy was larger, while services had relatively strong initiative to integrate into agriculture. At last, some suggestions were put forward to promote the convergence development of agriculture and services in Hainan province.


Input-output model, Hainan, Agriculture, Services, Convergence


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