Analysis on the Problems and Solutions of Implementing "The Co-cultivation Program"

Jian GUO, Li ZHOU, Jie ZHU


The Beijing Municipal Education Commission began to implement "the co-cultivation program" since 2015. Beijing Wuzi University as one of Beijing municipal universities taking part in this program explore actively the training mode of co-cultivation students, cultivating grogram, curriculum system, student management, establishment of virtual teaching and researching office and other aspects with its counterparts universities under the Ministry of Education directly. The project is implemented firstly in Beijing and even in the whole country, and there are still some problems in the actual implementation. Therefore, it is necessary to explore how to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. This paper analyzes the significance of the implementation of this project to our school, sorts out the problems in the development of the "the co-cultivation program" in our university, and puts forward some corresponding countermeasures, which will play an important role in the better implementation of the project in our school, and it also will be of reference significance for other brothers colleges to carry out this project better.


Co-cultivation program, Co-cultivation students, Talents cultivation


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