Research on Collaborative Teaching Based on Social Network Analysis

Yi-qun LI, Rui WANG


Collaborative learning is one of the methods that college students improve their learning outcome. For purpose of this paper, a class of E-commerce majors of Grade 2015 were taken as the experimental subjects to introduce social network analysis method into teaching research, learn about the network structure consisting of emotion relationship, information communication and course counseling relationship among students of the class by means of questionnaire survey, analyze the behavior characteristics of learners on this basis, build learning team, assign collaborative learning tasks, and implement collaborative teaching. A comparison of the density, average degree and centralization of the graph before and after implementing collaborative learning shows that collaborative teaching based on social network analysis is helpful to improve academic atmosphere, raise the cohesive force of class, and enhance learning outcome. Besides, some suggestions on promoting the application of collaborative teaching were proposed.


Social network analysis, Collaborative teaching, Learner behavior analysis


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