Research on SPOC-based Teaching Model for University Course

Xiao-chun WANG, Jing-qi SUN


With the development of pervasive computing and mobile learning technology, it is an inevitable trend for the teaching and learning to extend out of the classroom. MOOC is the research hotspot in the field of online education, and it is difficult to avoid cheating in online examinations. the SPOC from MOOC is a kind of new force, which is easy to realize the integration with traditional university course, and cultivate new capacity which is necessary for college students in the "Internet +" era. Therefore, the SPOC-based university course teaching model is proposed, finally, the specific application examples and application results are presented. Practice shows that SPOC-based teaching model for university course has been praised by the majority of students, while maintain the teaching effect of traditional university courses, and cultivate the capacity needed by the college students in the "Internet +" era.


SPOC, Teaching model, University course, Online learning


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