Application and Optimization Strategy of Leaderless Group Evaluation Technology in College Students Recruitment

Mao-Mao SHEN, Wen-Kui WANG, Huan RUAN


College student cadres are the key part of effective communication and connection between students and teachers. They are also the main force of students' self-management and play an important role in the management of students. Therefore, how to select a group of cadres with high comprehensive quality and strong organizational ability plays an important role in the smooth progress of all the work in colleges and universities. Due high reliability and validity, leaderless group discussion method is widely used in the selection of high-level talents in the recruitment process in the enterprises, and in recent years, the method also gradually was brought into the college student cadres recruitment , but the practice often cannot achieve the desired results, this study emphasizes on the analysis of Leaderless Group Evaluation Technology problems in college students the cadre recruitment, finally put forward some countermeasures to improve the effectiveness of student cadre recruitment from the discussion on the design and evaluation of the team's division, training and other aspects.


Leaderless group evaluation, College student cadres, College


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