Research on Methods and Ways to Cultivate the Environmental Adaptive Capability of University Students from the Xinjiang Minor Nationality

Zhi-Wang DING, Zhen-Yu HU, Hong-Juan LI


In order to cultivate modern construction talents from Xinjiang minor nationality, the government had created more opportunities for them to further study in the universities at mainland. Due to big differences in culture, it is very challenge for the Xinjiang minor nationality students to adapt themselves to the new environment. This article is to research and analyze the current lifestyle of Xinjiang’s university students, to find out the issues that they are facing and its root causes, so that we can propose the cultivate methods and ways to increase the environmental adaptive capability of Xinjiang minor nationality university students. It is also to encourage some creative ideas which can constantly enrich our country education theory and management theory on minor nationalities and theoretical exploration on a new education mode.


Xinjiang Minor Nationality University Students; Environmental Adaptive Capability


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