The Utilization of Experimental Phenomena in the Lessons about Basic Theories in Material Engineering

Man ZHANG, Deng-Guang YU, Xing-Hao LI, Gang-Qiang LIANG, Lin-Bo MA, Yang-Chao DENG


How to give a vivid lesson about basic theory to college students comprises a puzzle to many teachers in high schools. Electrospinning is a very popular nanotechnology for creating polymeric nanofibers and fiber-based nanocomposites, which involves the overlap of multiple disciplines. The basic theories about this material processing method are very complicated, and are difficult to explain clearly to the college students in the classroom lesson. When some phenomena happened during the electrospinning processes were exploited as teaching materials, the students were greatly provoked to know “what”, “how” and “why” about this advanced technology. Correspondingly, the lessons about its teaching and explanations became easy. In the field of material science and engineering, the combinations of scientific phenomena with the related theories comprise an effective approach for engineering teaching in higher education.


Higher Education, Material Processing, Electrospinning, Basic Theory, Scientific Phenomenon


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