Research on the Situation and Countermeasure of School Bullying

Teng WANG, Nan QI, Tian-Chong YAO


The phenomenon of school bullying is prevalent in schools all over the world. Most people analyze it from the perspective of psychology. Sociology on the school bullying interpretation is different. Cultural transfer theory concerns students in the process of socialization, compliance and deviant social facts on the impact of students. Structural tension theory analysis due to disadvantaged groups and affect the success of students, through unconventional means to get someone else's attention. The theory of social control that the tyrants and social ties are weakened. Label theory to explain how the label is "branded". Broken window theory that the campus bullying is due to long-term because of the education sector and the judiciary has no effective control over the transgressors.


School bullying, Behaviour, Injury, Explanation


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