A Probe into China Engineering Education Reform Based on “China Manufacturing 2025”

Xiao-ying DONG, Qin-mei YU, Cun-tian DONG


“China Manufacturing 2025” is the action plan for China to transfer from “a manufacturing big country” to “a manufacturing power”. Here we probe into China engineering education reform by interpreting the connotation of “China Manufacturing 2025” and analyzing the new requirements it puts forward for engineering talents and education. It is found that “transformation and upgrading”. “innovation and development”, “integration of informatization and industrialization”, “intelligent manufacturing”, “green development”, “optimizing structure” and “improving quality and effectiveness” are key elements of “China Manufacturing 2025”. It is suggested that a large number of new talented people who are specialized in innovation, research and develop, digitization, ecologicalization and technology, are needed to serve in this field so as to make this kind of industrial structure transfer from a labor intensive industry to a knowledge intensive industry with innovative and high value-added services. It is also suggested that these talents should be cultivated by promoting and establishing modern vocational education system with the traditional concept of engineering education being changed and the integrated system of industry and education innovated.


China manufacturing 2025, transformation and upgrading, Engineering education


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