Research on Sharing Behavior in Tourism Sharing Platform —Take "Breadtrip" APP as an Example

Xianshu Hou, Lin Mu, Tang Yao, Huarui Cao


With the development of the Internet, tourism sharing has become a universal behavior in the virtual world. When users share tourism strategy, suggestions, scenic spots or delicacy in the tourism sharing platform, others can obtain asymmetric information and facilitate decision-making. On the other hand, sharing behavior also increases the value of tourism sharing platform. Breadtrip APP is a place where consumers can record information, share information and make friends, making travel life rich and colorful. Taking Breadtrip APP as an example, this paper explores the motivations, intention, behavior and consequences of sharing in the tourism platform, and then putting forward some suggestions to management practices.


Sharing Motivations; Sharing Intention; Extended-Self; Breadtrip APP


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