Innovation of Art Education Mode under the Background of Internet Plus

Yuming Sun, Xiaoling Fan, Bo Li


From ancient times, people have paid much attention to the important value and function of art for human beings. Therefore, art has always been an important part of educational system. There is different art education environment in different times. In the traditional education mode, the development of art education is influenced by many physical factors. However, art education has undergone unprecedented changes in the era of digital network. Especially under the background of Internet plus, art education will face more opportunities and challenges. We can use the Internet thinking to update our educational ideas and expand the form of education by Internet technologies. Internet plus education provides new ideas and approaches for the implementation of art education. But at the same time, we should also note the negative effects of fragmented learning. In general, with the innovation of education idea and the perfection of technology, Internet plus will bring more positive influence to art education.


Art education; Internet plus; Innovation; MOOC


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