Joining English Teaching Theory with Teaching Practice

Wang Jing


This paper first studies the impact of social psychology on the teaching process. It discusses how teachers will stimulate learners' desire and interest in reading materials and guide their thinking. Teachers can make learners aware of their true intentions by means of various roles, including role switching, problem definition and feedback giving. At the same time, teachers can use the target perception training method to help learners relax and find the link between language and rhythm, so that learners can find their own personality. In addition, it discusses how to pay attention to the emotional factors and individual differences of students, increase their self-confidence and help them reduce their anxiety in English learning. Finally, this article discusses the implications of other studies for English teaching. For example, the theory of control and communication can be used as a guide in teaching practice. The teacher's output and students' feedback form a perfect closed loop control system to implement dynamic control of the English teaching process.


Teaching study; constructional teaching; anxiety controlling; teaching practice; learning strategy; leaning autonomy.


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