The Study on Talent Teaching Mode and the Optimization of Major Courses System in Electronic Science and Technology

Xiaochang Ni, Xuewen Ding, Yu Lu, Weijing Kong, Fang Qu, Lijuan Xu, Li Li, Hongbo Sun, Yizhong Yu, Dun Liu, Jian Zhang


In order to correspond with the regional economic development in Tianjin and make characteristics of applied engineering major outstanding, a series of teaching reforms are carried out in our department, such as the target of electronic science and technology professional talents training mode, train reform ideas and the direction of professional curriculum system. All of the measures were made in the basis of investigation to understand the demands of domestic photoelectric information enterprises for undergraduates of this major and the ministry committee of education professional for the request of the curriculum system. At the same time, two courses: laser machining application and optical transmission technology were constructed as the core demonstration courses to improving practical ability of students. From the long-term development of students even after their graduation, the curriculum structure and the talent training scheme are improved and optimized, and the concrete implementing scheme and some suggestions were put forward in the end of the paper. All of these results will provide some good references for cultivating application-oriented professional construction.


Electronic Science and Technology; talents training mode; curriculum system; professionals construction; talent training scheme


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