Three Point Electromagnetic Spider Web

Jiang Min


Simple three point electromagnetic spider web combined with the host and the 30 m, 300 m, 3000 m 3 transmitters and 3 receiver circuits, telluric electricity and magnetic switch. Here the space electric field change by using the designed solenoid spider does not need deep inside the earth, a seismometer and earthquake prediction control system is simple. After years of testing, with the use of every minute is four times 5~10 second detection magnetic anomaly, abnormal situation will be asked after the three behind the road before the earthquake electromagnetic parameters is converted to a digital signal electric parameter, if find electromagnetic anomaly in 30 square kilometers will start the GSM switch remote alarm, using Maxwell's equations theory and practice the test showed that this method can not only be used for electromagnetic anomaly before the earthquake prediction, and a plurality of electromagnetic webs can determine epicenter group composition. Before the earthquake changes in the electromagnetic field in a few hours to a few days, be able to know in time that an earthquake is about to occur, and determine the location of the epicenter. The devices may be detected over stealth aircraft. [1-3]


Electromagnetic spider web; telluric electricity; Mat-lab simulate; Earthquake prediction; Magnetic switch module; wireless transmitting and receiving module; GSM


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