Analysis of Digital Signal Processing Correlated Curricula Based on Fuzzy Cognitive Model

Zhenbing Zhao, Huan Ma, Lei Zhang, Sizu Hou, Shue Zhang, Hongyin Xiang, Lijuan Zhao


The analysis of students' performance in education teaching in colleges and universities plays an important role. However, little attention is paid to these analyses in many universities so far and the existing results of analyses are not comprehensively and thoroughly enough. According to this situation, in order to help students understand their own capabilities and help teachers master students' level, this paper introduced the fuzzy cognitive model and applied it to the course of digital signal processing and other correlated curricula. We analyzed related data with the fuzzy cognitive model in multi-aspects such as the correlation between other courses and digital signal processing, the relationship between prediction results and actual results, the difference between scores of different classes, students' performance trends in different score sections. On these bases, we put forward corresponding teaching suggestions, in order to promote the teachers' teaching level and students' learning effect in the course of digital signal processing.


Digital signal processing; Fuzzy cognitive model; Performance prediction; Correlation analysis.


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