The Optimization of Curriculum System of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Local Universities

Guangya Zhang, Lingli Fan


Expounding the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship education, and pointed out that the establishment of suitable training curriculum is an important issue of the innovation and entrepreneurship education for universities. Through investigation and document analysis, finds the general problems in university innovation and entrepreneurship education. On the basis of this, Guangdong Ocean University has constructed an innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum system, which was composed of “general education+ special education+ comprehensive practice”, optimized the system of innovation and entrepreneurship education composed of "theory, practice, actual practice", reinforced the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship platform, which was based on “the students' independent practice+ the college brand driven+ the school incubation”. The university has carried on the useful exploration in the innovation and entrepreneurship education curriculum system construction and the implementation aspect, has achieved good results.


Local Universities; innovation entrepreneurship education; curriculum system; optimization.


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