Mixed Teaching Reflection on the Strong and Weak Electric Subjects about the Non-Electrical Specialty

Yongfei Xue, Chunyan Wang, Zhiming Liu, Yinghui Wang


This paper puts forward the mixed type method about the teaching process, combined with the basic situation of the strong and weak electric subjects of the non-electrical specialty, to strengthen the students’ engineering awareness and improve students' engineering practice ability. Firstly, it introduces the teaching situation of the strong and weak electric subjects. Then, it displays out the mixed teaching methods in the theory and practice teaching classes which are carried by authors’ teaching processes. The mixed type teaching reflections are appeared. Finally, it obtains the countermeasures analysis under the new situation. Thus, it combines electrical specialty with the non-electrical specialty together, and creates the mixed teaching conditions for composite engineering technology talent to promote the practical ability and innovation ability.


Mixed type; strong and weak electric subjects; teaching reflection


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