Research on Practical Teaching Pattern Based on Simulation Experimental Platform

Linfang Dong


This paper firstly analyzes the existing problems of traditional teaching pattern of network engineering specialty. The traditional practical teaching patterns have been unable to meet the needs of modern teaching gains and demands because of its limitations such as lack of practicality and flexibility, un-synchronization of practical and theoretical contents. Then, it presents the advantages of simulation experimental teaching model which can cultivate students' autonomous learning ability, develop the practical ability and improve the personalized learning of undergraduates. The proposed model can be very practical, flexible, easy to update and really safe in some dangerous experiments. Finally, a practical teaching pattern based on simulation experimental platform is proposed for the network engineering specialty students training. We clarify the architecture of the integrated simulation laboratory and the experiment curriculum that suitable for carrying out in this simulation system. Practice teaching effects show that the simulation experimental pattern can greatly improve the study passion and efficiency of students. This mode can also be popularized to the other related lessons.


simulation experiment; network engineering; practical teaching; teaching reform


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