The Conversation between Sisters and Dudes over Time and Space

Xiaoyu Li, Ruiying Shen


The aim of this article is to correlate two cross-age groups of workers to refute the traditional viewpoints that the working class is united and unbreakable. The discussions centre on the stories of Chinese female workers who live in the period that before Chinese liberation and the British male workers who live in the gold age of industry. The two cross-age groups of workers are different in gender, age or state. The only same thing is their identity of workers. On the basis of previous researches, and using the theories of social gender and the consciousness of class to analyze these two groups. The conclusion is that they indeed revolt, but the process of their revolt is not the same as we think. There are more restrictions to prevent them from uniting, especially the effect of ideology.


Workers; social gender; class; subjective initiative.


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