A Study on the Artistic Images of Lyricist of Li Sao

Longhui Shen


It is the magnificent ancient and modern political lyrics, thousands of years deeply shocked people's minds. The whole poem is characterized by the pursuit of the progressive ideals, and the expression is then characterized by the positive romanticism. Li Sao is Qu Yuan's masterpiece, but also the culmination of the Songs of Chu, according to Wang Yi said, explained as parting sadness, Li Sao for the ancient Chinese only seen the first left the author name long lyric poems, the whole poem three hundred and seventy- The four thousand four hundred and the ninety-four words, the content of the broad and profound, indignant and compassion, narrative as that the style of the mysterious majestic, is a new form of poetry from the show. This paper gives the new understanding of the issues and in the future, more in-depth review will be finalized.


Artistic Images, Chinese Literature, Li Sao


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