On the Importance of Emotional Cultivation in Vocal Music Teaching

Li Nian, Fei Wang


All teaching have feelings, no feelings of the teaching and learning are short, no matter how much knowledge, or repeated memory of how many times, if there is no emotional investment, these will vanish with time, the vocal music teaching is no exception. A lot of people for the understanding of teaching the subject is superficial, that is, the vocal music teaching practice exercises, teach students the correct pronunciation, protect their voice and so on, is not to say how much these cognitive errors, but is too one-sided, if people like this kind of thought, then the vocal music teaching need emotional training? The vocal music teaching, the cultivation of emotion is not only to make students more relaxed in learning, but also to let them realize the subject learning fun, learn to take the initiative to learn, so that we can reach our pursuit of "live and learn" realm. This article focuses on the importance of emotional education in vocal music teaching.

Vocal music teaching is a science student throughout the entire academic career, from the student just entered the gate of the moment to start this course has been accompanied by the students, from easy to difficult, instill correct vocal concept to students, regardless of whether the student is the professional students, are more or less there will be some understanding on this subject, for non professional students, their learning vocal music is regulators, so that they can relax the pressure of learning in the classroom, for the students, which is a pressure of study, the congenital condition of each person is different, which means that there is no fixed form of learning the way, according to their own situation to practice, so that they can get the results you want. All of this study must be based on the teaching of emotion, students and teachers have to put their emotions, so as to incorporate this subject in the study, then why should we emphasize the cultivation of emotion in vocal music teaching? Because it plays an irreplaceable role in our study.


vocal music teaching; emotional education; importance; approach


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