Pedagogical Evaluation of a Virtual Radiography Training System

Jiu-ai SUN, Feng-liang DAI, Yi-wen TANG, Xin BI, Ling WEI


An augmented training system to simulate radiographic principles and procedures has being developed at Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences for learning and practicing on the radiography free from ionizing radiation danger. We invited ten groups of students of year 2 to practice on this new developed system and another commercially available virtual reality training system. The direct feedback from the students are quite positive and both systems are preferred by students as the learning procedure works quite differently from usual classroom, and feels like game playing experience. The augmented system is also able to provide more satisfactory for those prefer hands on experience and boost their confidence to handling real bulk medical imaging apparatus. We will continue to work on developing the system to offer more learning modules for the subject of radiography and gain more student engagement in the classroom.


Radiation, Radiography, Augmented Reality, Learning Outcome


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