The Media Convergence Guided by Digital Dissemination Technology— Take the Development of Animation Film for Example

Xiao-ou LIU, Ying HOU


As a burgeoning product as digital technology is, whose emergence and popularization conform to the contemporary fast-paced attitude and needs of life, and it also mirrors the characteristics of this era. Accordingly, the public's attitudes towards life as well as the way of thinking and group relations have gone through a dramatic change. With such a fertile technical soil, the exchange of strong interaction and the integration of the media have been fully developed, and also duly kept on track along with media development, which not only embodies the idea of the media innovation, but reflects a great progress of the disseminated technology in practice. Backed by this superiority condition, animation films have encompassed the diversity and tolerance as well, and simultaneously embraced new development opportunities.


Digital Technology, Media, Animation Film


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