A Research of Optimization of Water-gate System Based on Three Bilateral Clearance Cooperation Policies at Container Terminal



The following passage mainly focus on the knowledge of clearance cooperation at inland city and seaside city, as well as the achievement of administrative bilateral department exchange information. Based on the cooperative strategies of water-gate system optimization at container terminal, the department will not only recognize its supervision bilaterally, but also they are allowed to achieve a mutual law enforcement. Besides, the passage will also talk about the establishment of clearance cooperation of both cross-divisions and cross-region from both inland city and seaside city. Optimizing clearance procedure and identifying bilateral monitor result by standardizing internal supervision in the same division as well as enforcing the law in different branches, the government can push to a management institution which is not only appropriate to Chinese currency, but also it is competitive enough to meet globalization.


Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Zone, Free Trade Area, Water-gate System, Container


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