Students Hands-on Ability and Innovative Spirit Training Mechanism Research and Practice

Jun-jie ZHU, Hao-ran LIU, Feng JIANG, Fang-ying WAN, Lin LI


How to improve students' practical ability and innovative spirit in universities has become the focus of attention recently. In the training of the students' practical ability, the electronic information majors have achieved significant achievements. However, due to the complexity of the practice teaching reform and training, university must take some measures to reform the teaching practice, strengthen students' practical ability and innovation spirit. In this paper, the research and practice project of the students hands-on ability and innovative training completed six aspects of the work, made four aspects of the results, put forward three innovative points. It is significance to improve the quality of higher education and to train the qualified talents of high quality. Accordingly, there is no reason to believe that the method proposed in this paper will not be the defining trend for higher education in the 21st century.


Innovative, Practice, Electronic, Higher Education, Teaching Reform


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